Objective by Xander Shaw.

photo credit Xander Shaw

Set some sort of objective.

It’s hard to know when you’ve arrived if you don’t have a destination in mind. Let’s take the subject of clothing as an example.

If you’ve decided to winnow down your collection of T-shirts or sweaters, you understand that your goal is to  have fewer of these items when you’re finished the sorting process. But how many fewer? It’s fairly easy to pass on the ones that are no longer fashionable, serviceable, attractive or comfortable. But what if you still have too many to fit into your available storage space? You can, of course, invest in more storage space, but what if you want to stick with what you already have?

One objective then might be to reduce your remaining collection by a certain percentage — out of every 5 items, you’ll only keep three. Another is to use a ranking system — give each item a number of 1 or 2. You can save the 1’s, but the 2’s must go.

Each person’s objective will be different, but what’s important is to know what yours is, and stick to it. Using numbers can be helpful because you’ll know if you’ve satisfied your objective or not. And I guarantee you that of every 10 items you dispose of/give away/sell, you may miss at most 2 of them, but it will be worth it to let go of the other 8!

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