Backyard Butterfly Bush

Had a meeting with an amazing woman yesterday — Beth Corrigan, the founder of LightHeart Foundation. LightHeart’s mission is “to increase visitation to our Elders living in retirement, assisted living, and skilled nursing communities and promote awareness of the isolation they experience in facilities.” My friend Lita and I had contacted Beth for ideas regarding our new venture on creating soul spaces for seniors. Beth told us that amazing as it may seem, more than half of the elders living in our area have No Visitors. The now 12 year old organization sponsors programs and projects that touch the lives of close to 10,000 people a year.

Beth’s insights were fascinating, as were her questions. She asked if Lita and I enjoyed coloring — as in crayons and coloring books. I was happy to say that I did, and had just come from a restaurant where I always played with the crayons. Beth told us that our best success would come from staying creatively young at heart. As we were leaving, she gave us tiny bottles of bubbles as reminders.

I’ve been smiling ever since. We need angels like Beth and her volunteers at LightHeart, and we need to remember that (as I’m very fond of saying), the smallest things can make the biggest differences in people’s lives.

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