Moore’s Cove, Pisgah Forest

The hiking trail was busy yesterday. People of different nationalities, sizes, shapes; avid hikers and casual strollers; children, adolescents, teens, parents, grandparents. A German Shepherd and a Wheaten Terrier.

It was little Izzie’s (15 mos. old) first hike on her own two feet.

There was to be no other way than going at her speed and stopping at what she wanted to look at. She tried several different ways of going over roots before she found the technique that seemed to work best, and figured out that it might be easier to go around steep rocks than to climb them. The little wooden bridges fascinated her. And the mud! She squatted by the stream and carefully touched the cold water. When she turned around, she was literally beaming.

I don’t remember ever being on a hike like that. Even watching the people who stopped to watch Izzie was intriguing. One man observed that she was our tour guide and it struck me how true that was. I know that I’ve never focused on all the different varieties of mud before.

Why do we keep forgetting certain truths that we know, such as a hike is not supposed to be a race to the end of the trail, and life is not about winning the race. We have learned that the journey is what it’s all about but sometimes it requires taking on the perspective of a child to remind us of that fact.

Today’s segment of the journey involves organizing my files. Less fun, but also a part of the whole.


2 Responses to "The Journey"

  1. Roy

    July 25, 2008

    What a wonderful day! Izzie got her first experience of “The journey is the destination”. I think we all to some degree, looked at the world thru Izzie’s eyes yesterday, even her older sister Katie. What a beautiful world we saw!

  2. Swirly

    July 26, 2008

    Oh that hike sounds like heaven and Izzie is my new hero. On our recent vacation in Wisconsin, I discovered a passion for trail riding (like mountain biking without the climbing). Riding over roots and rocks and shaking and falling and literally laughing out loud. A two hour ride through the woods and I saw all of two other human beings. I was in heaven!!!

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