joy of flowTen years ago, my husband and I began to sponsor a pre-teen girl in the Philippines. We watched her grow into a beautiful young woman who graduated last month from college with a degree in civil engineering.
To say we’re proud of her is a tremendous understatement and we wanted to do something special to celebrate. So we brought her over to the U.S. as a graduation present.
And Roy and I have been in an almost constant state of flow since she arrived! I hadn’t anticipated the excitement of experiencing our world through her eyes. Mundane items and events have taken on a special significance that I don’t remember experiencing since my children were small.
For instance, she’d never been introduced to “The Wizard of Oz” and we watched it with her yesterday. She’d never seen a black and white movie and certainly not one that was made in the 1930s. When Dorothy opened the door into Munchkinland and the scenery exploded into technicolor it was like we were all discovering Oz for the first time.
Earlier in the day we went to Out of Africa Wildlife Park here in Arizona and felt the thrill of seeing animals that heretofore she had only glimpsed in photos. She wasn’t familiar with rhinoceroses and feeding a giraffe out of her hand was almost inconceivable. And the Tiger Splash (one of only two in the world, featuring zoo staff “playing” in a swimming pool with Siberian and Bengal tigers) even though we’ve seen it every year, was a totally new experience with her.
I surprised myself by offering to go on the zip line with her. I’ve been on one before, about 15 years ago, and I didn’t expect to feel that same adrenaline rush again. But because I was on it with her, the ride was amped up for me and was totally exhilarating.Being in a flow state like this is, for me and for most people, as good as it gets. It combines the excitement of the moment with a feeling of peace and “rightness” that is almost addictive. It’s a knowingness that you’re in the right time doing the right thing.
The joy of flow is really the knowledge that you can create these experiences over and over again. No, you don’t have to go zip-lining or get up close and personal with tigers. You just have to know what you love and what you need in the moment and you can go there, like Dorothy realizing she can return home whenever she chooses.
And it IS home you’re returning to. It’s a natural state of being in your authentic self and feeling in control of what you’d like to experience in each moment. It’s opening up to the NOW. The red ruby slippers represent your innate power to select how you want to feel and figuring out the best way to get there.
Spending time with Maria has reminded me of my freedom to give myself what I need and to focus on the present moment rather than getting lost in the past or the future, as well as remembering to be grateful for whatever is coming my way and trusting that it will all work out fine.

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