Please excuse me for being  a day late in posting the news of Jamie’s new website! She selected a doubly auspicious day to launch, given that it was also my birthday, but for that reason I  wasn’t able to be around to join in the festivities.
Jamie has always surprised and delighted me during the years we have been in this mentoring relationship together and I am so darn proud of her! So without further ado –
Welcome to Jamie Ridler Studios 

by Jamie Ridler on July 8, 2009

 Welcome to the new home of Jamie Ridler Studios. Today is my big opening party and I’m thrilled that you’re here to celebrate with me! I am so excited to be bringing all of my offerings, from coaching to dreamboards, here under one roof. It feels like coming home.

I picked today to launch because Wednesdays are Wishcasting days and that seemed a very auspicious day to start! I have a very special request for today’s wishing; I do hope you’ll indulge me. Will you make a wish for me and my new online studio? It would be such a joy to fill this new space with wishes and dreams right from  the beginning. What a magical start that would be!

It’s been such a blessing to be a part of so many wonderful communities online. The Wishcasting gang is so full of love and support! The Full Moon Dreamboard Circle inspires me every month! And what a joy The Next Chapter has been. Spending this summer together wrecking this journal has been a wild and crazy adventure! And the tweeps I’ve connected to on Twitter! What generous, inspiring folks you are. All of my friends and loved ones, thank you for being here and celebrating with me. It means the world! I’d love to light this space with twinkie lights, pour you all some champagne, put on some amazing tunes and spend the whole day dancing, chatting and laughing together!

In that spirit of celebration, I want to give away some door prizes today! Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into a draw. With every 10 comments, I’ll add one more item. I’ll be giving away:

  • Copies of the delicious e-powerpack Your Creative Spark to inspire you in your creative journey
  • Copies of Nia: Unplugged to give you some groove-a-licious time dance time at home!
  • An email Tarot reading from me.

I’ll announce all the winners tomorrow. I also thought I’d make a special offer for Your Creative Spark. I feel like spreading some creative bubbly as far and wide as I can! If you’ve been meaning to pick it up, now is the time! Until Friday, July 10th at midnight EST I’m holding a Studio Opening sale. All you have to do is enter the coupon code “champagne” and you’ll receive $10 off. Enjoy!

I’m so glad you’re here. To new beginnings, wishes and big dreams!




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