6 Responses to "They’re Married!"

  1. Susan

    October 4, 2009

    Lauren is beautiful…you are beautiful…what an amazing day this must have been!!! Love to you all, and mazel tov!

  2. Nancy Whitney-Reiter

    October 4, 2009

    How beautiful: the bride, the family, and the awesome color scheme. (Love those bridesmaid shoes!) Congratulations!

  3. Alison

    October 4, 2009

    What beautiful photos…..Lauren just radiates! Mazel Tov!

  4. Cynthia Ashley

    October 4, 2009

    Absolutely stunning!

  5. Debra Beck

    October 5, 2009

    Congratulations. Everyone looks wonderful, I can’t wait to see the rest of the photo’s. It’s the beginning of an amazing journey. Love Debra

  6. Diane Cuesta

    October 13, 2009

    Congratulations!!! The photos are beautiful! May they have a life-long honeymoon! Health! Happiness! Abundance! Blessings!

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