race of the carousel animals by Love the 214.

photo credit Love the 214

Be who you are.

Not all approaches and products work for all people. Some of  us are horses and some are zebras. Or donkeys. What’s important in organizing is to know who you are and what works for you – what you prefer to have around you and what kind of set-up suits you best.

Some people like to be surrounded by the things they love, while that would make others claustrophobic. Some people like to move around while they work  while others find that distracting. And some folks like to focus on the big picture while others prefer to be buried in the details. There’s no right or wrong; it’s just what works best for you.

Therefore you need to be aware of your personal style and which kinds of systems support you in how you like to work. (Just because your neighbor swears by his blackberry doesn’t mean that getting one would be the answer to your organizational prayers.) First – kick up your awareness level a few notches and observe yourself and how you like to operate.

Then, and only then, see what’s out there and how those tools would assist you in doing what you do. This approach will help prevent you from going to the store and buying an attractive item with the hope that if you leave it on your desk long enough, it will organize you.  😉

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