Western Maryland Road Trip, 08/31-09/01 by Ash Crowe.

photo credit Ash Crowe

We’re leaving Friday for Baltimore, going north and then east so we can enjoy the scenery we used to love so much on our trips down to Brevard from Jersey.  We’ll be attending a reunion of my old childhood neighborhood and then driving down to Cambridge, Maryland to spend some time with AJ at U of M grad school. He’s working on a summer project with the Army Corps of Engineers to revitalize the Chesapeake Bay oyster beds. Then it’s back to Brevard for a few weeks before I go to Chapel Hill for Lauren’s bridal shower. And then back to Brevard. And then back north to LBI. And then back to Brevard and Chapel Hill for the wedding.

This must have been easier when I was younger.

2 Responses to "To The East Coast (Trip 1)"

  1. colleen

    August 19, 2009

    Hi Sunny, Floyd is worth the stop! Next time.

  2. Sunny

    August 19, 2009

    We almost pulled off but realized we didn’t know where you were located! We’ll give you a heads-up next time we pass by.

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