“Words can sometimes, in moments of grace, attain the quality of deeds.” – Elie Wiesel

I took this quote from “Writing to Save the World” by Mary Pipher. I’ve wondered at times, if the books that I write can really make a difference in someone’s life. I know that I do write ‘because I must ‘, which is of course, why people climb Mt. Everest –‘because it’s there’.

But, truthfully, I also write in order to hear back from people who’ve somehow been touched by what I had to say. That’s not purely ego speaking because I believe that each one of us has something to deliver to others, whether that person is a writer or not. Being published just means that you may have a larger audience to touch.

We all have some sort of message to deliver, whether it’s just to our immediate family, or to the world-at-large. Our life’s work is finding out what our unique message is, and passing it on.

I feel fortunate, at the relatively young age of 56, to have found my voice and to be privileged to share it. My late Aunt Naoma discovered her talent at 85, when she began making beautiful sculptures for family and friends. Her talent enriched us, and I have that experience of discovery every time I pass one of her creations on my shelf.

You have an opportunity to express yourself in everything you do. Choose something that sends a ripple of goodness outwards. And do it today.

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