Once upon a time, there were no professional organizers.

When I started my business, in 1974, I knew of only one other person who found it as much fun as I did to set up filing systems and bookshelves and calendars. And this suited me just fine as I was/am nothing if not creative with my interests.

I had the most fun creating organizational systems for slightly neurotic people, i.e., clients whose idiosyncrasies led them to require unusual or innovative approaches. It was always challenging and rewarding to create new ways of pulling things together.

From these experiences, I distilled the basics of a personality-directed approach that ultimately became my Styles Approach to Organizing and now the Time and Space Style Inventory (TSSI).

Although I’m no longer an active organizer, I’m still fascinated by the profiles of organizer clients. What makes them tick? Why is one system or product better for them than another? How do you know EXACTLY what you or your client needs?

Fortunately, we have learned a lot more about human nature and specific profiles (such as hoarding and ADD) since the 70’s. I’ve loved seeing the progress. But there’s new research coming out all of the time.

Are YOU aware of your tendencies, preferences, and needs? Do you pay attention to what works in managing your time and space? Are you using the information available to design systems and choose products that match who you are? Are you current in your assessment?

The TSSI is a great tool to use to answer these questions. I’m very proud of my part in its development and am excited to see it beginning to become mainstream. When you have the opportunity, go to  and see what’s available now to help you out.

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