I’ve received some email questions recently that have made me realize that many people out there are still unfamiliar with how a blog works. So here’s a little overview:

The word “blog” is short for “web log” and is basically an on-line journal. I’ve created this one as a way of keeping my readers updated on the progress of my new book, and also as a way to stay in touch as I travel.

At the top of each entry, under the title, are tag words that can be utilized by search engines to find articles that address those subjects. I also have my entries organized by category, in case you want to access the previous entries that way, in addition to by month.

As to why I haven’t been posting (putting up) photos lately, that has to do with my arm’s capacity to negotiate Photoshop (a sortware program that allows you to crop your pictures, among many other things). Hopefully, I will be able to get back to doing that soon. When I’m able, I try to keep current with my Flickr updates. That refers to the little mosaic on the right side of the screen, above which is printed “My Pictures”. If you click on that area, you should be taken to my Flickr site, where I have photos organized by topic and most recent photos. 

At the bottom of each entry is a place where you can post comments, using only your first name, if you prefer that. If you’d like to leave a comment, just click on that link and you will be taken to a page that tells you what to do. You won’t see your comment posted on the page immediately, as I subscribe to a moderator function that allows me to screen out spam.

Please feel free to leave any comments related to the entry that you’re reading about, even older ones . I really do look forward to hearing from you!

P.S. If you want to get to my web site from the blog, the links at the bottom of the page will take you there.

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