To be or not to be this is the problem... by fotomossa.

photo credit fotomossa

This question has been sitting on my desk for a few weeks now, scribbled down in haste when I first saw it. I know a gem of a message when I see one, and this reminder has sure come in handy.

I got a new laptop last weekend, which was the good news. The bad? Well, my programs got transferred but my email addresses didn’t seem to come with them. You know that moment when you first feel the horror of something monumental going wrong? I kept clicking on my address book again and again, as if I expected the addresses to magically re-appear after the 5th click.

Well, they didn’t and the voice in my head started screaming “Ohmygodhowdidthishappen?I’mgoingtodie.” And then I happened to glance at my note: What’s perfect about the problem? I can’t say that after seeing it I immediately jumped up and went into problem-solving mode. But the screaming voice quieted down enough to consider the possibility that there might be something positive hidden in the seeming disaster.

Long story short: After talking with my husband and daughter, I understood that I had transferred an older version of the email program and that it might very well be outdated in a short amount of time. But if I purchased the newest version and re-entered only my most current addresses I would have not only a better, updated program, but a much more efficient and effective address list to work with.

It does make sense to look at problems as opportunities. And life being what it is, I should probably enlarge my note, frame it and hang it in front of my nose.

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