it's never too late

Do you think that age 72 is too late to start over? Why? Why not?

A friend of mine is doing just that. It’s not by choice, but she’s grabbing hold of life with both hands and believing that she can re-make it into what she needs and wants it to be.

I’ve watched her evolve from someone who was seriously co-dependent and who suffered from extreme tunnel vision into a person who believes that anything is possible if you listen to your intuition and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Even if you need two knee replacements to continue doing it.

My answer to just about every question these days is “Why not?” I truly don’t know what my limitations are and I don’t see why I should close off options that I’m not even aware of yet. Sure I may choose not to pursue something, but I rarely say “I can’t” anymore.
And yet, that was my default position when I was younger. If the question was too big, or if I was afraid of going down that road, I’d decline, purely on the basis of fear and supposed logic. Well, “what if…?” I would ask myself or whomever. “What if any of these million and one things that could go wrong DO go wrong? What then?”

And now this strikes me as very funny. I don’t know whether it’s my life experiences or my age or my understanding of the nature of things, but this is definitely funny now. The answer is, of course, “SO WHAT?” What IF something or everything goes wrong? Unless you’re in a life or death situation, how much does it matter?

For me, it always comes back to how much control I have in a given situation. If I have control, well then, I can exercise it. And if I don’t, then why spin my wheels? And if I exercise control, and something doesn’t work out the way I want it to, I can detach from that outcome and try something else.

Anything is possible, but I’ll never know what can happen if I don’t give it a shot.

And that’s why it’s never too late. My husband found his life’s passion at 57. I only began to think of myself as a writer at 63. My aunt started sculpting at 90.

It’s not about your age; it’s about understanding the purpose of your life here on earth.

If you believe that your purpose is to grow and thrive, as opposed to just survive, you’ll understand that there is no such thing as “too old”. Sure, you will encounter physical limitations, but you can keep your mind active and live in the present and get excited by just about anything, and that will always bring you to somewhere you’ve never been before.

This is my “why not?” philosophy and I don’t know of a better way to say it. It keeps me from judging and becoming cynical and jaded. It keeps me young and optimistic and hopeful about what I can do and enjoy and contribute.

Does any other way of living make more sense?

It’s never too late!

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