The past few days I’ve been enjoying Listography Journal: Your Life in Lists by Lisa Nola. She writes, “…I believe everyone should have an autobiography, if only for their loved ones to read and even in the simplest form: a list.”

A few of the lists she provides space for:

– Favorite toys you played with as a child

– Things you’re glad you did

– Things you’d save if your home was on fire

– Bad things you did as a kid

– The most memorable friends from your past

– Your biggest acts of kindness

I was intrigued by “bad things you did as a kid” because I’ve never thought about myself along those lines. But memory starts the wheels turning and darned if I didn’t come up with a list. (Apologies to Sue M. for the time I convinced her to throw some of her toys down the sewer so we could listen to the splash they made.)

Pick one list from those above. I guarantee you’ll be surprised by what you come up with.

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